GBV Survivor Stories Will Live On, Thanks to JOKO


South Africa: where 1 in 5 women is a victim of violence. Where 80% of attacks that women face are at the hands of their partners. It is ranked the most dangerous nation to be a woman in.

The statistics are indeed shocking, but we seldom hear the stories behind them.

Accounts from the survivors themselves. Putting a face to these brave women who have dared to speak out.

Joko the tea brand that empowers women to #EndDomesticSilence, wanted as many South Africans out there to hear these stories.

So, we called on our citizens to #DonateYourVoice, to help amplify the true accounts of GBV survivors.

We gathered 11 stories: powerful, unsettling yet all inspirational. We called on recognised actors and influencers to read these accounts to camera, and from there we created 3 stirring films.

The public were able to view snippets of these on Facebook and then watch the full videos on our web page, where they were encouraged to record their own voice reciting a survivor story, in order to further amplify and share these accounts.

In addition, we were able to secure 14 radio DJ’s who interrupted their own programs to bring us these stories.

For the first time, a nation got to hear and talk about the experiences that so many women go through. Stories of survivors reaching millions of South Africans for the first time.

A triumph for GBV survivors and proof that Joko is unwavering in its purpose to #EndDomesticSilence.