Bringing a homesick Miss Universe a taste of Mzansi


When Miss Universe, Zozi Tunzi, declared that she missed home, and especially Aromat, the Hardy Boys knew they had to make the unbelievable happen.

Homesick for Aromat

Those covid times…eish, they were rough né? Especially those poor Mzansi peeps stuck on the other side of the world, missing friends, missing family, missing the tastes of home.

So, when our own Miss Universe, residing in New York, tweeted that she ‘wanted Aromat real, real bad’ we decided we couldn’t let her down. If she couldn’t come home, we were going to being ‘A Taste of Mzansi’ to her.

Zoom in for Dinner

Our big idea was to connect Zozi with her fondest followers back in SA over delicious Aromat-inspired meals. But how would we organize a sit-down dinner across such vast time-zones and distances? Being the innovative bunch that we are, we decided to repurpose that conference calling app, Zoom, and use it for our virtual dinner.

Nine lucky entrants won ‘a place at the table’, which was essentially a Zoom slot for the big occasion. The Hardy Boys ensured that each entrant was tech-enabled and prepped to be able to film themselves interacting with Zozi during this Zoom dinner, er, call.

Everyone’s invited

While there were nine seats ‘at the table’, the reality was that all South Africans were invited to be a part of the occasion. We recorded the event and uploaded it for Mzansi’s Aro-fans to enjoy on YouTube and our socials.

Dinner: served

Thanks to Aromat, we brought joy, laughter and hearty dinner talk to South African consumers during a time when they needed it most. And as for Zozi, we were able to connect her to the people, food and conversations that she had dearly missed.

Now, that’s unbelievable.