Incurably Curious

There is no cure for curiosity

We’re a group of idea generators, strategic thinkers and passionate problem solvers who, since 1994, have been using our curiosity to help ambitious brands grow.

The Hardy Boys was named after the books by Franklin W. Dixon. It was inspired by the idea that Frank and Joe (the two lead characters), would use their curiosity to solve mysteries others couldn’t, and call on their friends for help along the way. Their curiosity would often get them into trouble, but also be the catalyst to finding solutions others couldn’t. It’s this spirit that has always driven us and continues to do so today.

Our Tools

Insomnia Brief

The insomnia brief was created to help identify and solve a core brand or business issue through creative thinking. Once the problem is defined, we use sprint sessions to create a solution that isn’t always an advertising campaign, but always provides a creative solution.

People First

We’ve developed a process to change behaviour, create culture and inspire growth by putting People First. Built on 4 pillars, it helps brands become unignorable the through process of discovery, positioning, prototyping, coding and measurable outcomes.


Find out what makes a brand elevating, magnetic and motivating, and measure its inspiration status. Using BAV (Brand Asset Valuator), the world’s largest brand study, we identify and track the qualities a brand must embody, the stories it should tell and the experiences it can design to inspire people.

Our Clients

Work that inspires growth is only possible with partnerships that create the right environment for curiosity and inspiration to thrive. We’ve had the privilege of long-term relationships with brands and companies who share common values.

Our commitment

KZN Children’s Hospital

We have always walked-the-talk in our commitment to our community. Over the years we’ve supported many organisations that make a difference and positively impact our country and community. We’ve now embraced the mission of KZN Children’s Hospital (Africa’s first dedicated children’s hospital) and have signed a 5-year MOU to support them and the life-changing work they do.