THB Bags Gold Prism Award for Lifebuoy’s TikTok-Led Campaign


The Hardy Boys (THB), a Wunderman Thompson Company, celebrated a recent victory at the 2023 Prism Awards. THB won gold in the Influencer Management category for work on the Lifebuoy Social Commerce Campaign. Winning gold at Africa’s most sought after public relations and communications awards industry, gives testament to our PR team’s ability to develop strong and effective influencer marketing strategies which pair up relevant content creators with authentic messaging that resonates with audiences. The campaign spotlighted Lifebuoy’s Charcoal and Mint soap bar and was entirely TikTok-led, marking a first for Unilever South Africa. With TikTok being the most popular platform for Gen Z and Gen Y, the target audience for Lifebuoy’s Charcoal and Mint, THB utilised the app to promote the soap bar. Lifebuoy collaborated with nine influencers in the categories of beauty and grooming, sport and fitness, fashion, and lifestyle. The campaign was brought to life through unboxing videos, competitions, and other creative prompts for the chosen influencers.

Ultimately, the campaign garnered a remarkable 2,736,417 impressions on Instagram and 870,233 on TikTok. The Clicks National Manager reported that, following post one, the brand experienced 1000 click-throughs and a 382% growth in online sales for Lifebuoy’s Charcoal and Mint soap bar.